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Hooks that hook

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Your threads are not bad. Your hook is.

Here's what people often get wrong:

99% of threads don't fail because of the content. It's because they fail to capture the reader's attention.

That's why the hook (aka the first tweet of a thread) makes or breaks a thread's success.

Thanks to my newsletter The Steal Club I have a huge library of Twitter Thread hooks. I've come to understand why they work and what patterns they have in common.

That knowledge helped me craft threads like this or this.

And now I want to share that with you. Buying this product will get you:

  • A curated collection of the best and most effective Twitter thread hooks
  • A 45min-1h video analysis of why they work
  • 23 Templates ready to tweet

"But hey Alex, some tools out there already provide with thread hooks examples and templates"


And I could simply give you thread hook examples and templates. That works.

To an extent.

My real goal with Hooks that Hook is that you leave with a clear understanding of WHY those hooks work.

Understanding that will not only make your content reach more people, but it will also level up your Twitter copywriting skills.

It's a long-term game.

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You'll get Hooks that Hook, that includes:

Curated collection of the best Twitter Thread hooks
Video analysis of why they work
Templates ready to tweet
23 hook templates


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Hooks that hook

7 ratings
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