From consumer to creator - Build your Twitter audience in 1h

Alex Llull
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From 0 to Twitter creator in just 1h

In this course, we’ll give you the fundamentals, techniques, and actions you need to make to build a strong personal brand on Twitter.

Our promise to you

After this course, you will be able to:

✅ Adopt the creator mindset

✅ Build your own content system

✅ Craft a compelling Twitter profile

✅ Get real connections with real people

✅ Learn how to create content that gets likes and RTs

✅ Understand the fundamentals of Twitter networking

✅ Get a 30-day action plan so you actually get to work

What's in it for you?

Hard-earned lessons

The course is a summary of all the lessons we learned from building our audiences.

We analyzed and reduced them to the core.

No fluff.

Delivered in a digestible format

A mix of text, visuals, and video lessons to make the learning unique.

Our goal is to ensure that you leave the course with a clear understanding of the concepts taught.

By two people who have already done it

Between both of us, we have built an audience of 50k+ followers on Twitter.

We know what we are talking about. And we are ready to share it with you.

What's inside?

Module 1: Basics

This module will teach you the fundamentals of how to use Twitter to its full potential.

You'll learn all about the creator mindset, how to craft a compelling Twitter profile and how to get content inspiration.

Module 2: Create

New Twitter creators struggle with two things: what to talk about and how to do it.

In this module, you will learn about our different systems, tips, and tactics for racking up thousands of impressions

Module 3: Connect

The real power of Twitter comes when you start using it as a place to make real connections.

This module will teach you how to network on Twitter and how we got to work with some of Twitter's top creators.

Module 4: Action Plan

Our course concludes with a 30-day action plan to help you put what you've learned into action.

We'll provide you with tweet prompts, a few templates, and everything else you need to get started.

About Us

Alex Maese (25k followers) is a Hotel manager in the process of becoming a visual communicator thanks to Twitter.

He started posting content on Twitter only 4 months ago. Since then, he's cracked the viral code and built a 25k follower audience.

All by only leveraging Twitter and the connections made there.

Alex Llull is a consultant, writer, and content creator.

In the summer of 2020, he got fired. After that, he started sharing his thoughts on Twitter.

In two years, he built a sustainable freelance business, making 4 times what he had made in his corporate job and having the opportunity to connect and work with creators he admires.

All thanks to Twitter.


Who is this course for?

✅ People who are new to Twitter and are looking for guidance on how to properly navigate the space.

✅ People who have been on Twitter for a while but feel stuck.

✅ People who need a process to come up with tweet ideas, generate valuable content, and stay consistent but have no idea where to start.

✅ People who understand the importance of Twitter to create an audience or a business and want to make the most of it.

✅ People who want to leverage the networking power that Twitter has to meet interesting people

Who should not buy this course?

You shouldn't buy the course if:

🟥 You are an experienced Twitter creator

🟥 You have personal branding experience

🟥 You are looking for "advanced" knowledge

This course is meant to take people from 0 to 1. Not from 1 to N.

How long is the course? And what format is it in?

Going through the course materials shouldn't take more than 1h.

90 minutes if you are a chill person (like us 😜).

The lessons are made by a mix of text, visuals, and video content.

When is the course launching?

The course is set to launch on May 30, 2022.

Is this only for Twitter?


The principles, tactics, and strategies taught here are only meant for Twitter audience building.

Will there be a Spanish version?

We might or might not be working on it 🤫

(Yes there will be one)

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the course (counting since the day it's released).

The only thing we will ask is for a reasonable explanation of why you want the refund.

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Mix of text, visuals and video
Approx. 1h


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From consumer to creator - Build your Twitter audience in 1h

6 ratings
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